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How does it work?

What is Bitcoin?…, How can i get started?… and…. Where can i get Bitcoin?….  These are the questions most people ask when starting out with crypto currencies. Below you will find a link to our  “The Basics” or “Start here”. We recommend you take the time to educate yourself with “The Basics” before getting started…

Basics 101


Learn the basics about cryptocurrency and digital money...Watch our selection of top Youtube documentaries. By learning the basics your understanding of the value of digital currency will become more clear...

Start here – You will need the following….


To start using cryptocurrencies you will need a few basic things...

  1. You will need a wallet .
  2. You will need to exchange Rands into Bitcoin.

The end of money as you know it...a must see!

Some Fun Facts about Bitcoin
21 m
Total Number Bitcoins
16 m
Bitcoin in Circulation
Bitcoins Mined (p/block-Era3)
Bitcoins added (Era3 - p/year)
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